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The NIKE MAGISTA OBRA II evaluation experience



Two years after being launched, Nike introduces the second generation of the Magista line.

On March 6th, 2014 Nike surprised the world with the first football foot made of thread and equipped with a sock, the Magista Obra. These were the main aspects of that presentation. A boot made of thread? It is going to break! Shaped as a sock? That makes no sense! These were some of the first reactions and honestly, those were reasonable reactions. 

NIke Magista Obra AG-R Turf Soccer Shoes Total Crimson Black

Truth is, the Magista Obra boots were fantastic, the thread offered a comfortable compressive sensation, there were no problems involving durability nor water absorption due to the ACC technology and the NikeSking. When it comes to the DynamicFit collar, some people like it and others don´t, just like everything else. However, day after day we keep seeing more boots made of thread and more boots equipped with a “sock”.

NIke Magista Obra AG-R Turf Soccer Shoes Total Crimson Black

Two years after creating one of the biggest revolutions in the history of the market, Nike launches the second generation of the Magista line with many technical updates.

The framework for the Nike Magista Obra II is still made of Flyknit thread material since it was one of the most successful features in the first generation. This time, the 3D finish has been modified, as it is only present on the front-half of the boot, to provide you with better interaction with the football, which is also due to the ACC (All Conditions Control) technology.

NIke Magista Obra AG-R Turf Soccer Shoes Total Crimson Black

The chassis also experiences some updates. It is thinner than the previous generation and as a result tit shows the briocables in charge of providing with support during aggressive lateral movements. The exterior heel has been moved to the inside and the DynamicFit collar has been redesigned to completely cover both the inside and outside of the ankle, while freeing the Achilles tendon and the front part.  

NIke Magista Obra AG-R Turf Soccer Shoes Total Crimson Black

Therefore we can see that the Magista´s main essence from the first generation is still there. The only difference is the improvement of some details thanks to the feedback provided by both professional and amateur players. The new Magista line will be available at prosoccersale.com.


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